Meet our team
All our professional team come from "horsey" backgrounds so you know we'll be speaking the same language and understand the issues surrounding equine health. We strive to develop a thorough understanding of the problems associated with untreated hay on our equine friends. We keep abreast of the current research into respiratory and digestive health and how HAYGAIN can help to minimise these problems.

Bruce - Principle of Bruce Moore Enterprises Ltd, New Zealand´s HAYGAIN Distributor
Bruce Moore has been the New Zealand distributor for Propress Clothing steamer distribution for the last 10 years. Bruce has a strong affiliation for high quality product, it just seemed a natural fit to add the Haygain Product range to our New Zealand Business. Interest in health issues have been very important to Bruce in recent years and it is just a progression of this interest that has sparked his interest in Haygain and the Equine industry.

Margot Mc Cutcheon - Area Consultant
Margot is based out of Clevedon, Auckland and is well known to a large number of trainers, yard managers and horse owners throughout New Zealand. She is passionate, as we are, to assist horse owners and trainers improve their animals' level of wellbeing. Margot is touring New Zealand introducing Haygain to potential users in the racing, equestrian and show jumping communities. She may have already spoken to you regarding the Haygain hay steamers. If not, please feel free to give Margot a ring on 021 438 262.

Brian Fillery - Director and Creator
From a family background spanning 75 years involved with the design, production and commercial development of a variety of steam appliances including the pressure cooker, Brian started Propress Ltd in 1981, manufacturing clothing steamers and Propress Equine in 2008. A dedicated participant in many country sports, he held a Mastership of Hounds in the West Country for nine seasons, besides owning racehorses both in Britain and South Africa.

Tim Oliver - Director
With a background in design and engineering, Tim has been a pivotal figure in the growth and development of Propress and Haygain since he joined the former company in 1982. Besides being involved in a variety of rural pursuits, he is a Founder and Trustee of the Halow Project, a charity supporting the rights of young adults with special needs.

Becky James MSc - Director
After graduating in Animal Science from the University of Nottingham, Becky pursued an MSc in Applied Equine Science at the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester. Here she used HAYGAIN steamers while carrying out research for her thesis, eventually joining the company in 2008. Having also worked for several years in competition yards, Becky has represented England at BYRDS international competitions and continues to compete her own dressage horses.
Dr. Meriel Moore-Colyer - Scientific Consultant
A dressage rider with a PhD in Equine Nutrition, Meriel has twenty years experience as a university lecturer and has published numerous books, academic papers and articles on various aspects of equine nutrition. Her pioneering studies of fungal contamination of hay and its association with equine health meant that she was the obvious choice to spearhead research on the HAYGAIN range. She currently advises us in her role as Scientific Consultant.