HAYGAIN hay steamers... expertise beyond engineering

The unique HAYGAIN method introduces a recently-patented, laboratory-proven manifold system designed to introduce steam in the hay in the most effective manner. This is located in a fully-insulated container incorporating a purpose-built steam generator, all components having been designed and manufactured by HAYGAIN.

Steam is released from the steam generator into a multi-layer construction hose via an elbow, specifically designed to create a small amount of back pressure (75-100mb); as illustrated in the HG1000 model at the right, the steam is forced into and completely through the fully strung bale via the five-spiked manifolds.

Carefully-controlled laboratory studies into the dynamics of steam and temperature distribution in both baled and loose hay resulted in the deltoid configuration of the manifold.

Steam is introduced through perforated spikes and distributed throughout the hay mass and as this takes place the temperature within the unit is raised to a level sufficient to destroy fungal spores and bacteria.
Meanwhile the aluminium plates holding the spikes themselves accumulate heat which in turn contributes to the high temperature within the box and thus to the overall efficiency of the system.

The insulated box traps the steam until the container is completely filled, raising and maintaining the necessary high temperatures to kill fungal spores and bacteria found in hay.

Thinking of steaming your forage in a wheelie bin? Think again!
Pouring a kettle of hot water over the hay or steaming in a wheelie bin using a wall-paper stripper does not effectively steam the hay, and leaves 80% more respirable particles compared with the HAYGAIN steamed hay. Partial steaming actually decreases the hygienic quality of hay because the damp and heat stimulates bacterial growth. Soaking hay reduces respirable particles but soaking leaches nutrients and as with partial steaming, the bacteria levels are increased by 2 to 5 fold, so producing poor quality forage.

Fully controlled experiments done at the Royal Agricultural University have shown that high-temperature steaming using HAYGAIN hay steamers reduces the respirable dust in hay and haylage by 99% and kills all the bacteria and mould, leaving the forage hygienically clean. Steaming in a HAYGAIN conserves protein and minerals and independent studies RAU and Writtle College, have demonstrated that horses prefer steamed hay to haylage, dry or soaked hay. Buying a HAYGAIN steamer is a worthwhile investment as it removes allergenic dust and improves the hygienic quality of the hay. Filling hay nets with dry hay is unhealthy for you to, steam before feeding for the sake of you and your horse.