Frequently Asked Questions
What makes HAYGAIN different?
HAYGAIN is the only scientifically proven system to kill mould spores including Aspergillus, as well as bacteria and dust mites. The nutritional value and goodness are maintained with improved palatability.

What is the company background?
The Propress Group has been in business for 30 years and is a worldwide leader in high quality, professional steam appliances. We have supplied International and High Street names for years from large department stores to charity shops and hotels, as well as hundreds of thousands of independent customers. Our back up and after sales service is unparalleled.

How much does HAYGAIN cost to run?
The running costs are minimal and you will use considerably less water compared to soaking. The HG1000 and HG600 use just 2.9Kw electricity per hour, whilst the HG-ONE and HG-GO uses less at 1.5Kw. Electricity costs vary between utility companies but typically are between 7-18p per kW hour. In order to work out exactly how much it costs you, find out from one of your electrcity bills how many pence per Kw hour your rate is and then multiply that number by either 2.9 or 1.5 depending on which model in the range you have and this will give you the electricity cost per cycle. For example if you are using an HG1000 and paying 10 pence per Kw hour it will cost 29p per hour.

How long does it take to process the hay?
This can vary according to how densely packed the hay is, the ambient and water temperature and voltage supply so the thermometer on the lid is there to act as a guide. With the exception of the HG-GO, when you first set up your HAYGAIN you will need to time how long it takes to reach the green zone (required temperature) within the thermometer. From then on you can use a timer set for the appropriate time.

Does the outside of the container get hot?
No. All of the HAYGAIN range are made from composite materials with highly efficient thermal properties so although the inside of the container can reach over 100 degrees C the outside is barely warm to touch. Therefore HAYGAIN hay steamers are environmentally friendly and energy saving.

What is the difference between soaking and steaming?
Soaking hay will dampen the spores down and make them swell so they are less likely to be inhaled.
With steaming the combination of the heat and the moisture actually kills the spores so the risk is completely eliminated.

Once steamed, how long before you feed the hay and how long does it last?
The hay is very hot when you first take it out and should be handled with care but it cools very quickly once in the air and can be fed immediately. It is best fed while it is warm and steamy and it would appear most horses prefer it like this but otherwise should be used within 24 hours.

Will my horse like it?
The hay comes out of the HAYGAIN like life has been breathed back into it! It is warm and sweet smelling, most horses LOVE it and  find it more palatable than dry or soaked hay. Field trials have shown it is effective at encouraging fussy eaters and even recovering post-op horses in veterinary clinics.

How much water will be used?
The hay will absorb and therefore hydrate bringing it back towards its original moisture content, approximately 15+% of its original weight but the hay is neither soggy or heavy. A residue of on average a tea-cup amount of water (condensed steam) remains from each steam cycle.

What are the advantages of steaming a whole bale in the HAYGAIN HG1000?
The HG1000 accomodates a fully strung bale of hay. By being able to put the bale in complete, you are drastically reducing the amount of spores released into the atmosphere prior to steaming protecting both the handler and nearby horses. It is effortless, quick and efficient to use.

What makes HAYGAIN different?
HAYGAIN's international organisation of renown and substance.
HAYGAIN's patented, proven method using a steam distribution manifold.
HAYGAIN's durability and built to last quality resulting in value for money.
HAYGAIN's scientific thinking and ongoing indepth scientific research.
HAYGAIN's friendly, qualified advice, after sales support and service.
The HAYGAIN HG-ONE hay steamer

Para dressage rider Verity Smith uses the HAYGAIN HG-600

International dressage rider Hannah Biggs uses the HAYGAIN HG-GO

International event rider Zara Phillips uses the HAYGAIN HG-1000