HAYGAIN... the world's leading method of steaming hay
From the team with a wealth of experience and a proven patented formula, HAYGAIN hay steamers have developed into a great British success. With their products proudly designed and manufactured in Britain.

HAYGAIN hay steamers were developed over a number of years after Brian Fillery was inspired by experience with his own horses coughing. Steeped in history and heritage the Fillery family have developed and manufactured products involving steam since 1936.

During the mid-1990’s a team of experts led by Brian and co-director Tim Oliver matured the concept into a scientifically proven reality.

Two European and American have been granted, with... further patents granted worldwide, for the steam distribution manifold system which is key to HAYGAIN's unique and proven method of steaming hay.

This distribution method injects steam into the centre of the bale or mass of hay or haylage and steams it from the centre outwards. Research at Royal Agricultural University has shown that steaming at the high temperatures achieved in HAYGAIN steamers kills all the bacteria and mould and reduces the respirable particle content by >95% so it the best option for providing ‘clean’ forage.

HAYGAIN is the only scientifically proven system to kill mould spores including Aspergillus, as well as bacteria and dust mites. The nutritional value and goodness are maintained with improved palatability.

HAYGAIN is truly global in its quest to improve the wellbeing of the horse with a growing network of specialist distributors around the world.

The HAYGAIN hay steamer range is now available in four models.

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