Ensuring Quality Feed
When Brian Fillery of Propress clothing steamers fame wondered why his horses were coughing he was inspired to combine proven clothing steamer technology with a solution to the problem of respiratory conditions in horses. The Haygain hay steamers are the result.
Haygain is a division of Propress Ltd, a leading specialist company in commercial steam appliances. Propress, established in 1981 by Brian Fillery, continues his family’s involvement with steaming products since 1936.

“Using HAYGAIN Hay Steamers has been repeatedly, scientifically proven to eliminate the harmful fungal spores and bacteria that horses inhale while eating. The key element in each steamer is the unique manifold that distributes steam evenly throughout the hay,” said Bruce Moore, principal of BMA agencies, New Zealand’s HAYGAIN distributer.

“The fungal spores and bacteria are killed by the wet heat and high temperatures maintained during the process. The result is pure, hygienic, nutritional hay which is free from respirable dust and additives, for a healthier, better performing horse.”
The Haygain steamer line-up offers real value. A Haygain quickly becomes an indispensable addition to any stable. Horse health improves and with reduced wastage, significant financial savings can be made and the owner's life becomes that much easier.

“We want our clients to fully appreciate the benefits to be gained from a hay steamer. We offer specialist advice and provide an unparalleled level of service to match the unbeatable quality of our products. We are a science driven company with horse health our primary focus.

“The attention to detail on the products means they are of the highest quality, being designed and built to last.
"Haygain is an ingenious and essential piece of kit that every yard and barn should have."

International event rider, Sir Mark Todd uses Haygain and said “Leonidas winning the ‘best conditioned’ prize at The Landrover Burghley Horse Trials is testament to Keyflow UK and also to the HAYGAIN Hay Steamers that have enabled me to return to feeding good quality hay with minimum effort as the steamer does all the work,”.

Horse owners, trainers and breeders – come and see a working demonstration of hay being steamed at Canterbury A and P Show Site P3 at and inspect the finished product for yourselves.

For more information visit www.haygain.co.nz or call Bruce on 027 434 1433.