Canterbury Farming October 2015
When Brian Fillery of Propress clothing steamers’ fame wondered why his horses were coughing, he was inspired to combine proven clothing steamer technology with a solution to the problem of respiratory conditions in horses.

The Haygain hay steamers are the result. Haygain is a division of Propress Ltd, a leading specialist company in commercial steam appliances. Propress, established in 1981 by Brian Fillery, continues his family’s involvement with steaming products since 1936.

“Using HAYGAIN Hay Steamers has been repeatedly, scientifically proven to eliminate the harmful fungal spores and bacteria that horses inhale while eating. The key element in each steamer is the unique manifold that distributes steam evenly throughout the hay,” said Bruce Moore, principal of BMA agencies, New Zealand’s HAYGAIN distributer.

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